My college life taking up architecture in this university had given me not just knowledge in this ‘destined’ course or field, but also wonderful experiences with a long list of names that I should give credit for attached to it.  These people that made up the life I am building and still under construction are the foremost foundation of the history I am trying to create for myself and for the people I love. From the start, it had been you guys who made me carry on and finish what I have started. I never took the time to thank you nor show you how much I am thankful for all the things I have been through with you around. You helped me get through all of these and all the credit goes out to each and everyone who had been in and out of my life for the past five years.

To our mentors: Arch. Danny Capili, our Adviser for his patience and confidence about our study, Arch. Pancho Villanueva, Arch. Luzette Lareza, Arch. Dennis Estacio, Arch. Markoxley Enriquez, our consultants and advisers for sharing their knowledge and time. To Arch. Roger Magsakay, Arch. Godesil Lejarde, Arch. Hershey Didulo, Arch. Diomar De Castro, our jurors. To Arch. Celesta Dawn in spite of her busy schedule and did not actually accepted any consultancy but gave time to scrutinize our study, Arch. Dinky Einsiedel, Ditas Bermudez, Mr. Ernie Panis, the Lola Grande Foundation, Filipinas Heritage Library and the Manila City Hall for sharing data and information about Santa Ana, Manila and assisting us through our research. Words would never be enough to thank you.

My friends who had been there especially Maria Ruth Centeno who stood by me from our freshmen year until our thesis defense (until today). PKG (Para Kay God!), especially Arvin, Kim, Leovigildo, Mikko, Narciso who were there since the RM cheering me up and helping me out. If it was not for you guys, I might have lost my sanity and given up that very day of my defense.  Alenor dela Cruz, Bonita Cesumission, Carmina Peralta, Joshea Magdaleno who rescued me during the translation and shared their talents. For Jayson Bautista, Ijvan Barrera, Dyanne de Jesus, Josel Lyn Somoro for finding time to help me out in your own little ways. Thank you guys, I hope I could return the favor one day. To KKT, FFs, my wbf, all of my friends and batch mates you are part of all these things I poured in this thesis book and translation. I am blessed to have met and had an opportunity of having you in my life.

To my family especially my parents, who are the foundation of everything that I did and who I am today and the reason of everything, thank you. My brother, my sister and our relatives, who helped us out in times of need, thank you.

Furthermore to You, Abba Father whose undying love get us through the end and never left us from the start. For your guidance, your blessings, your compassion and faith that led us to the right direction where you wanted to lead our study. May this work of ours be useful for the other generations that stumble upon it, help them out and serve its purpose.

With this, may God be praised.

Love and Respect,


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It was not exactly my dream to be an architect and build houses and structures of different kinds. I, on the other hand loves planning and designing spaces or imagine them the way I planned it inside my mind since I was young. I have always dreamed of having my own community and running it and providing people what they need. May be that was the start of it that I did not know would latter come to this. I might have like a different course or field but I do believe I have things to fulfill and impart in architecture that I will discover in the coming days.

This book also gave me hope that I might actually have a career in architecture specializing or focusing in the built heritage in our country. I hope that one day, everyone will be aware of these problems that our country’s facing that are often neglected due to the modernization and the minds of the young generation that prefers something new instead of keeping what is still there.

With all these things I have learned in my 9 years of stay in the Bulacan State University since my high school days, for all we know that nothing is constant but change, it is important to look back and care for what made us up for what we are today.


A Piece of the Cake

A share of the sumptuous masterpiece..

I remember my friend Kukai and I’s motto: “Hindi lahat binibigay” and also: “Mas madaling hulihin ang manok kapag nakatali” back in our early days in college.

You look happy” a number of people told me these past days. And I am glad that they are noticing that aside from “Tumataba ka” and “Gumaganda ka yata”, emphasizing the latter. Ok. Flatter yourself, dear. =))))

It’s my mother’s birthday and I stayed over the Roxas’ place last night to give them an extra pair of hands for the high rise plate and at Calayag’s the other night. They’re keeping me busy and amused with chitchats and whatsoever in the past months. I am blessed to have them around, indeed. Para Kay God! Hello Narciso, are you there reading this? 😉

Neutral. That’s the word that comes in mind whenever I am asked about my current state – enjoying every slice of the cake one at a time. Indulging on it slowly so as not to ‘umay’ myself. I just want to enjoy what is currently served and not ‘want’ more. It will soon fall into place, in God’s perfect time.

I had a chance meeting and little chat with Arch. Paulo Alcazaren, Editor-in-Chief of Blu Print magazine’s co-writer, Ditas Bermudez at the Pamana: Built Heritage Conservation Seminar at the Filipinas Heritage Library last August 23, 2012. She shared some ideas and the projects their currently working at. She even suggested that I should apply directly at PGAA instead when I told her I wanted to apply at Blu Print for apprenticeship. She offered me some materials and asked me for my e-mail address and also suggested that I should visit a certain library. Hoping to hear from her soon.

The seminar was beyond ‘sulit’. What is sulit, mom? (Baby Josh, 2012) It’s getting more than what you paid for. (Kris Aquino, 2012) HAHAHA. I arrived late. Heritage Conservation Society’s Arch. Noche’s talk was already wrapping-up. It was coffee break and I should say the food is mighty fine. I was waiting for Arch. Mata’s talk and so it goes. Arch. Galicia and Dr. Einsdel’s talk was remarkable. I’m still waiting for the electronic copy of the slides, though. It was an extraordinary experience. I got intimated when I walked in. I was the only student in attendance and they were all professionals – architects, environmental planners, writers, accountants, and etcetera. I am one of the few who had the chance.

And to sum it up, I am having quite a month. I am having a busy, fulfilling and fruitful month of August.

First Consultation Session with Arch. Pancho

Last Thursday we went to Katipunan to meet Arch. Pancho Villanueva, Arch. Eva Villanueva’s brother, to consult our thesis topics and to formally have him as our thesis Consultant. We arrived at around 11 in the morning, a little late coz we had some trouble in getting the right direction and we had to transfer jeepney because there was no available jeep that would take us directly to UP. It was a field trip of some sort, an adventure.

For three hours, he was discussing a lot of things and my mind was blown with his ideas. How he could talk endlessly and it wouldn’t bore you. Here are some notes that I wrote while he was talking. Some sort of side comments:

  • Dapat pinapapanood! Yung thesis. (sa lower year)
  • Wala daw patapon sa topics namin, that would include our topic! 🙂 (Yey!)
  • He can actually make you feel confident about your thesis. Enlightens you with new ideas. Walang kayabang-yabang. (And again, humble people amuses me more than bright people.)
  • Visionary
  • Knowing is half the battle.
  • Tribute kay Ate. 🙂
  • And a whole lot more. You should see my notes! (I was about to take a snapshot but realized I got a crappy camera phone and decided not to. He-hee~)

And indeed, it was a fruitful session. He left us speechless. In awe, in an awesome way. He gave us tons of information and ideas but managed to not overload us. It was overwhelming. Am so grateful, just when I was giving up on that particular approach the jurors asked us to present, he gave me one in a snap. There’s not a moment that I get my eyes off of him. While talking, he could actually trigger your mind into thinking. My eyes were smiling, my mind is flying around his thoughts. He was a visionary, fit for our thesis topic. And he is actually into arts which I adore immensely. I find his poetry subtle. Like I totally like him. We’re blessed to have him. Only few are given this kind of chance. He was sweet, especially when he told us he was doing this thing for her sister, in memory of her — how Ma’am Eva do these things –willingly help students as much as she could even doing it in their house, outside the CAFA premises. And that’s how one leaves a legacy.

We were speechless after, really. Left us with smile on our faces.

We went around UP then headed back to North and ate tons coz I was starving. I was so bibo on that way back coz I was really amused with Sir Pancho. Looking forward to our next consultation, we’ll be having it on his apartment with his 3 artist apartmates. Can’t wait to see that bookshelf filled with books. Am a happy kiddo, yea. :p

365 Days Before and After

At the back of my mind I wanna help people out but I, myself is in need of guidance, too.
At the back of my mind I wanted to make you feel like I already forgot about you, but hell no.
At the back of my mind I’m struggling with all these problems with authorities.
At the back of my mind I wanna come up to you and start over again.
At the back of my mind I wanna have that someone who could put up with all my shizz.
At the back of my mind I really need those people I push/stay away from.
At the back of my mind I want/need them to pull me back.

Close your eyes. Think of happy thoughts.

And sometimes our words produce the very opposite effect of what we intended. We hurt another’s feelings, provoke anger and create psychological distance even when what we really desire are understanding, intimacy and companionship. (Added 2012.0704)

Exodus 14:14

You know I worry about tomorrow, we all do. But there are things I am particularly worried about. My grades. I’m not that confident about the results of my RM, Design and CADD subjects. I know it wasn’t my best and I admit that. And I’m just worried about it. I’m not sure if an extended stay at school would really be a good news to my father. We’re not financially stable and his expectations are high. I don’t wanna disappoint him, not again.

Whatever your plans for me Lord God, I would accept it with all my heart. And I believe that you would give me whatever I deserve. Abba Father, I hope that whatever happens, You’d be there. My hopes are high but I am expecting the worst at the same time. Whatever. It’s Your will not mine.



Pray for me, would you?


Shit happens. That’s why.

When you don’t know what to say and you don’t know what to do. Just shut the hell up and carry on.

All I can say for now is that there are things that would come at you simultaneously. I have no story to tell you but what I really feel is that am violated, guilty (other thing, but possible with the aforementioned), and the last one, I just had it, still don’t know what to feel about it.

And tonight, am gonna sleep hoping that things would be better in time. I just couldn’t hide it anymore. I’m not all that happy and these are one of those deep and dark secrets that I have. Please bear with me. I trust you with these shits. God is with me. and you’d be with me, too, ayt?

And ladies and gentleman, now I’d be back with that jolly self that you see me as.

*nothing to do here*


Hindi ko talaga akalain na magiging close ako sa mga kumag na to. Lalo na dun sa mga lalake na hindi ko ba malaman anong himala at naging ganun ang nangyari. Nagkasundo kami. Masarap sa pakiramdam kasi alam kong suportado nila ko. Kahit sinsabi nila minsan na babagsak na ko at sasabay na ko sa kanila. HAHAHAHA. Kdot.

Lalong lalo na nung tinulungan nila ko sa perspective. Tinulungan nila ko. Di lang sila, saka yung mga kaibigan ko, lahat ng concern sakin na nagpatak-patak ng kakayanan nila para may maitulong sakin. Sobrang overwhelmed ako sa lahat ng tulong. Marami pong salamat Papa God.

Simula sa mga naki-draft, naki-ink, naki-type, naki-usyoso, nahiraman ko ng mga gamit, sa mga concern, sa mga suporta, lahat yun ipinagpapasalamat ko. Lalo na sa second chance para makapag-defend, para maipasa yung plate. Sa mga naniniwala sakin na kaya ko sa kabila ng pagdududa ko sa sarili ko. Hindi ka po pumalya sa pagbibigay ng suporta. Salamat po!

Lord maraming salamat sa mga OJT offer, sa mga opportunities na kusang lumalapit, alam ko pong hindi niyo naman ibibigay sakin to kung hindi kayo nagtitiwala sa kakayanan ko. Ang tanging hiling ko lang naman po ay bigyan niyo po ko ng sapat na talino, sipag, tiwala sa sarili at pag-gabay niyo sa kung ano man po ang ibibigay niyo. Ikaw pa rin yung masusunod sa mga ito. Alam niyo po yun.

Ikaw pa rin..