My Stupid Mouth, again..

My stupid mouth has got me in trouble I said too much again..

And that’s the classic me having trouble with expressing myself without people getting the wrong idea or bad intentions that I might be posing. Well, am getting used to this. I just don’t know why people tend to give meaning, or other meaning than what is simply stated by a person. I don’t get it. I mean, when I say things like ‘I just wanna continue it no matter what‘ I mean it as simple as that. I never wanna offend anybody with my words but unconsciously I am doing so. Am a sucker with word choices. Yea, really.

And I am really grateful for having Sir D trying to explain me things I quite don’t understand in the coolest way possible. And I really am thankful for him being open-minded and I I’d like to think that he understands me  and he accepts whatever I say and try to correct me whenever. And it’s quite cool he approached me in the not so awkward way. Haaaaay. He knows that I’m still a kid trying to figure out life and it’s wonders.

Hello God, thank You. Am really thankful for the people you’re giving me. Though uninspired and even though I feel like giving up these past few weeks, You continue blessing me and giving me inspirations and will to go on. Thank You po.

You don’t have to be all things to all people; a few things to a few people will be just fine. 


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