A Piece of the Cake

A share of the sumptuous masterpiece..

I remember my friend Kukai and I’s motto: “Hindi lahat binibigay” and also: “Mas madaling hulihin ang manok kapag nakatali” back in our early days in college.

You look happy” a number of people told me these past days. And I am glad that they are noticing that aside from “Tumataba ka” and “Gumaganda ka yata”, emphasizing the latter. Ok. Flatter yourself, dear. =))))

It’s my mother’s birthday and I stayed over the Roxas’ place last night to give them an extra pair of hands for the high rise plate and at Calayag’s the other night. They’re keeping me busy and amused with chitchats and whatsoever in the past months. I am blessed to have them around, indeed. Para Kay God! Hello Narciso, are you there reading this? 😉

Neutral. That’s the word that comes in mind whenever I am asked about my current state – enjoying every slice of the cake one at a time. Indulging on it slowly so as not to ‘umay’ myself. I just want to enjoy what is currently served and not ‘want’ more. It will soon fall into place, in God’s perfect time.

I had a chance meeting and little chat with Arch. Paulo Alcazaren, Editor-in-Chief of Blu Print magazine’s co-writer, Ditas Bermudez at the Pamana: Built Heritage Conservation Seminar at the Filipinas Heritage Library last August 23, 2012. She shared some ideas and the projects their currently working at. She even suggested that I should apply directly at PGAA instead when I told her I wanted to apply at Blu Print for apprenticeship. She offered me some materials and asked me for my e-mail address and also suggested that I should visit a certain library. Hoping to hear from her soon.

The seminar was beyond ‘sulit’. What is sulit, mom? (Baby Josh, 2012) It’s getting more than what you paid for. (Kris Aquino, 2012) HAHAHA. I arrived late. Heritage Conservation Society’s Arch. Noche’s talk was already wrapping-up. It was coffee break and I should say the food is mighty fine. I was waiting for Arch. Mata’s talk and so it goes. Arch. Galicia and Dr. Einsdel’s talk was remarkable. I’m still waiting for the electronic copy of the slides, though. It was an extraordinary experience. I got intimated when I walked in. I was the only student in attendance and they were all professionals – architects, environmental planners, writers, accountants, and etcetera. I am one of the few who had the chance.

And to sum it up, I am having quite a month. I am having a busy, fulfilling and fruitful month of August.


2 thoughts on “A Piece of the Cake”

  1. hey katriz, sorry, i got busy. should’ve emailed you earlier. email me at this address ditasb@gmail.com if there’s anything i can help you with. just over my head with deadlines now but i’ll try to find time to answer and help out. btw, i’m not paulo alcazaren’s “co-writer”. he’s my boss for the fookien times phils. yearbook 2013 project 🙂

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