First Consultation Session with Arch. Pancho

Last Thursday we went to Katipunan to meet Arch. Pancho Villanueva, Arch. Eva Villanueva’s brother, to consult our thesis topics and to formally have him as our thesis Consultant. We arrived at around 11 in the morning, a little late coz we had some trouble in getting the right direction and we had to transfer jeepney because there was no available jeep that would take us directly to UP. It was a field trip of some sort, an adventure.

For three hours, he was discussing a lot of things and my mind was blown with his ideas. How he could talk endlessly and it wouldn’t bore you. Here are some notes that I wrote while he was talking. Some sort of side comments:

  • Dapat pinapapanood! Yung thesis. (sa lower year)
  • Wala daw patapon sa topics namin, that would include our topic! 🙂 (Yey!)
  • He can actually make you feel confident about your thesis. Enlightens you with new ideas. Walang kayabang-yabang. (And again, humble people amuses me more than bright people.)
  • Visionary
  • Knowing is half the battle.
  • Tribute kay Ate. 🙂
  • And a whole lot more. You should see my notes! (I was about to take a snapshot but realized I got a crappy camera phone and decided not to. He-hee~)

And indeed, it was a fruitful session. He left us speechless. In awe, in an awesome way. He gave us tons of information and ideas but managed to not overload us. It was overwhelming. Am so grateful, just when I was giving up on that particular approach the jurors asked us to present, he gave me one in a snap. There’s not a moment that I get my eyes off of him. While talking, he could actually trigger your mind into thinking. My eyes were smiling, my mind is flying around his thoughts. He was a visionary, fit for our thesis topic. And he is actually into arts which I adore immensely. I find his poetry subtle. Like I totally like him. We’re blessed to have him. Only few are given this kind of chance. He was sweet, especially when he told us he was doing this thing for her sister, in memory of her — how Ma’am Eva do these things –willingly help students as much as she could even doing it in their house, outside the CAFA premises. And that’s how one leaves a legacy.

We were speechless after, really. Left us with smile on our faces.

We went around UP then headed back to North and ate tons coz I was starving. I was so bibo on that way back coz I was really amused with Sir Pancho. Looking forward to our next consultation, we’ll be having it on his apartment with his 3 artist apartmates. Can’t wait to see that bookshelf filled with books. Am a happy kiddo, yea. :p


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