Gustave Eiffel, not an Architect

I just got off from the 2011 National Architecture Students Fund Raising Jamboree by the Architectural Students Association of the Philippines. It wasn’t actually a success (really) and wouldn’t be fun without the non-architecture related activities and the company of our new members. From the zipline, wall climbing, mudslide, the rope obstacles and the fun at the barracks (sayang walang rapelling) and the food madness, it was indeed a great experience. Minus the expectations, the grand and the supposed talks. T’was good, great actually.

So there’s this Quiz Bee that was held on the second day I couldn’t forget. There were three rounds before the final round. On the first round, composed of basic Architecture related matters, it was easy, REALLY easy. Except for the question where in I answered quickly. The question was like who’s not an architect in the group. The first thing that I saw was Gustave Eiffel’s name so I quickly clicked it and submit. Then I was wrong. Pablo Picasso was the answer.

I couldn’t let it go that quickly. It’s not just about the point that I could have had, or for the sake of saving myself of being ashamed of not getting it right. In my heart I know I was right. We weren’t told to answer the closest one, I answered an answer. Yes, Pablo Picasso is not an architect but Gustave Eiffel’s not an architect either. Therefore, technically, I was right. Having done or finished a structure doesn’t mean you are an architect. He was for a fact an Engineer. Am a fan of the Eiffel Tower, I must admit and I listened attentively when it was discussed back in the HOA (History of Architecture) days. We were thought, as far as I now that he’s not an architect. Some articles in the internet might say he was an architect, he is not. Please. He’s not, right?

Let it go, Kat.

Ugh. Pissed. And he‘s was trying to make a fool out of me. Dammit. And there a lot of things in between this annoyance towards that person. Sorry po.

But still I qualified for the next average round mostly composed of HOA III related questions, not discussed though. Like the number of spikes in the Statue of Liberty what the eff?, the exact height of the CN Tower in Canada srsly?,  and whatsoever. If not for my instincts and expertise in guessing when faced with a multiple choice type of questions, I passed. Yey!

The difficult round was REALLY difficult. It was categorized as Random Architectural History mostly composed of HOA II in which I was actually a 4.0. Thank God I was good at guessing and actually got the highest score for that round.

And for the final round, it was filled with HOA III topics, too. I answered half of it and was sent to a tie-breaker round against an FEU student. Then again, I was saved by the Eiffel Tower with the ‘wrought iron’ as my answer. I placed Second, with another FEU student being the Champion. Yey! Feel good.

To sum it up, it was an awesome experience. Thank You for that wonderful experience.

To you Mister, not because you assumed that he was an architect, he will be an architect. It wasn’t just history you’re trying to break (?), it’s a fact.


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