And now I’m working at my Research Method project but then something struck me all of a sudden. As I read the thesis manual, thinking it was done by Ma’am Eva, her voice is playing inside my head imagining she’s reading it and explaining it unto me. I can still remember her voice and intonation vividly. Something bothers me, really.

She asked us to design a vestibule wayback in sophomore year. Oo nga no, how fitting. Di pa namin alam noon na may sakit siya, though di rin ako sigurado kung alam na niya yung kalalagayan niya noon. That was her last exercise or something I remembered back in the days. Kaya pala ako kinakabahan.

Doing this RM reminds me of her remarks regarding my explanation with my vestibule design. =( Making me really nervous of its outcome. I don’t wanna do that same mistake again. I don’t wanna disappoint her, she already told me about it. And now am hoping I would never do the same again. NOTED.

Say it once, say it correctly, say it in the right place.

*This should be my motto in life.


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