Anymore of This

I’m not scared that I will fail because I can’t. I know I can but what I fear is that I need to. The need to fail and teach me the real lessons. That I should have exerted more effort and time and I should have been more focused and patient. That I am in a hurry and I’m too confident. That maybe I’ll be mayabang once I passed so I need to fail so I’ll learn humility.

And the thing is that I’m not contented with all the things I’ve done so far. I have all the time time but I am soooo distracted. My restless mind wandering places and thoughts instead of trying to learn new lessons and focus on the important ones..

I need to get over myself. I need to stop procrastinating. I need to stop thinking that I am not enough. That I am nothing compared to the others. That they’re looking down on me for I am nothing. Yes I am nothing and Ive got nothing to lose and so much to gain. And thats a good thing, eh.

And You got my back and You’d give me wisdom, knowledge and patience that I need to get through this. Right? God! SOS!


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