To the guy I will always remember during the 28th of February (it’s his birthday). The guy that I will always remember whenever I hear Muli. The first guy that ever made me feel special. To the first guy who made me cry myself to sleep. To the guy who had been my first *mock* boyfriend. I probably didn’t write about you or us before and I hope this would make me feel it happened.


It’s always been a mystery to me..

I can still remember that day. It was lunch break. I didn’t know his name. It was just his familiar face and friends that I know we belong to the same batch. I was just teasing him to do something for me and dare asked me that why would he do such I am not even his girlfriend. Playfully answering that I am his now just so he could that favor I was asking.

And we started to see each other over breaks and bond over music. Listening to my (then) new mp3 player, go somewhere to buy food and stroll around. At first I didn’t mind. I was too innocent to realize what was happening. And he was too torpe to formally ask now that I think of it. Everyone’s (well not really everyone but quite a few who has a crush on him) jealous of our time together. At the back of the room, along the hallways of Carpio Hall, the doorway where I love sitting and hanging out, listening to music in our own little world, playing around, teasing each other. I didn’t even know if we really talked, I can’t remember any thing. Exchanging a few messages that doesn’t seem to last that long because I was just laughing at the way he send text messages, him giving up on our conversation. Ha! Even then I was a jeje buster and a jeje nazi. But I like teasing him. Knowing I have an effect on him in some ways.

It went on for over a year. He would hide by the door in the hallway outside our room while I’m having my class, talking to me, making papansin and faces that would make me smile or annoy me. Sending me messages that it would be hard for me to concentrate on my lectures. He would drop by my seat even though we don’t belong to the same section, neither of the two academic years our story covers, and talked to me, snatched my food, pinching my nose, my cheek, my fats, played with my hair and whatever he feels like doing. He was a gentleman, even though many wouldn’t like the thought of us. He even worked on my project one time. I just asked him to type that things I will send and handed it to me the next day finished. I just need to submit it. He fed me french fries putting catsup in each fries carefully, not dipping it, because we were in the corridor and we didn’t have tissue. It was sweet. It melted me. At the time. He even served me food and water during our retreat because luckily we belong to the same team. He sat beside me every meal. Making every girl jealous. Haha! He was my first dance during our Senior prom.

And that was it. I started to see him with some girl from the lower batch. And I didn’t know what to feel. I didn’t know what to think. I even blamed his religion as the reason why he did not pursue me.

Its been seven years and it’s still a mystery. I may not be able to figure out why I was 46122 to you. You may not forever remember me, but here is our story..


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