Little Things


I wish you were there..

I really thought I would only read those lines in a book. I think no one ever told me that before. Not until Ate Ditas did. It really tugs in the heartstrings knowing that somehow, a person somewhere out there wishes you to be exactly where  they were. Who would have thought someone would wish that I was with them. See you soon!

Sinasabi ko nga sa kanila e ‘laki ng pinagbago ni Katriz’..

That was Erwin while we were talking about choosing our battles and other matters. I really felt that only-in-the-novel-feeling that your world suddenly stopped right after hearing something that changes the way you see the world and you see yourself. I can barely imagine how horrible I was before. How I deal with people and especially arguments in different kind of situations.

I realized how lucky I am to have friends long before I am this ‘better’ person now. I imagine how annoying I was yet they stood by me and kept me close as I try to discover and be the person that I am today. I am grateful. I really am thankful for you guys. You kept me and stood by me and I intend to keep you, not forever, but always. It’s about time that I return all the favor. I would. And I would love to have you for the rest of my lifetime as you would allow me, too.

These are a few of my favorite little things.. ❤


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