I Love Life

There’s more to life than just how I feel.

Sleeping. Breathing heavily. Outbursts. It was not an ordinary Sunday afternoon far from home. I saw the kids struggling to breathe, to survive. Their young bodies and innocent minds. Their mother right beside them trying to dissipate or take away their pain. They don’t deserve any of this, that’s what I had in mind. But no one deserves to be ill. No one is entitled for it, especially them. Some are newly born (the one I was assigned to) and some were already been there for months since his birth and had undergone three major operations already (the last kid we went to see). And what saddens me the most is that in two months time, he had to undergo another operation again. He just needs to recover from the last one. I can’t even. Just the needle itself is painful enough.

The situation and the scenario was unbearable in addition to the not in a good state facilities. It was heartbreaking to see the kids and know their stories. And their parents trying to let the ends meet just to fight for their baby’s life. The mother in the first ward was talking about the new doctor’s practicing. It’s a risk to let them handle these cases. These are helpless little kids that depends on us, the adults. Their lives are important as much as we give importance to ours. That there’s nothing they can do about that.

It was the reality that people often neglects. The more we need to appreciate life and its mysteries and the pain we had to endure and the problems we had to face in order to live. The importance of our lives and the effect of our actions to people. Beautifully abstracted by God.


It was the Pasko Pa Rin program that was held for the first time in Philippine Children’s Medical Center last Sunday afternoon which was organized by Ate Ditas (and company) who invited me. They were on their 6th year and it was typically done in Philippine General Hospital. We were supposed to visit the leukemia and cancer patients. But I guess we have to deal with these first before we get to the more heartbreaking ones. The experiences is worthwhile. Looking forward to the next one. Wish it would be sooner rather than later.


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