Season of Love

First Christmas 2012 Greeting


*He’s the first one to greet me on my birthday and now.

I can already feel the Christmas season and am really loving it.  I love the Christmas season, more than the New Year’s celebration. It’s the most anticipated season for me. What’s not to love about Christmas? Lights at night, Christmas tree on your living room, decorations hanging on your wall, preparing food the day before, wrapping presents and everything else.

That Christmas morning feeling you get when you were young. A legit day to feel or be reminded you were a kid once and one can never be too old for Christmas. Families coming together to spend a day or two with their loved ones.  Giving gifts, exchanging smiles and hugs. Children around the neighborhood paying respect to the elders. Running around with smiles on their faces for the presents they got that day. You feel love in the air. You feel loved, you feel like loving..


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