Are you dreaming about me, too?

I’ve been longing and wishing and hoping and craving for Batanes this past weeks. Actually, I’ve always wanted to go there and today, the intensity’s getting stronger. I really, really, really wanted to go there. I even blurted out the other day that I’d drag my first boyfriend there, whether he likes it or not. *sigh* Soon, real soon kahit walang boyfriend.

I even remember dreaming about being the Daniel Burnham of Batanes, if I would even practice architecture. Exploiting the resources of the ever beautiful Batanes. Ha! That’s wicked. But I’d be a good girl, and an awesome architect. I’d have my tiny house up in the hill, overlooking the vast ocean exposed to the sun. I’d have my beautiful panorama of the sunrise and the sunset on my yard. The stars and the sun at night by my window. Dream on little girl.

As for now, I’m trying to drag my friends — Erwin, Ruth, Bernie and others, to go to Batangas for a backpacking this coming semestral break. But am afraid it wont really happen. They’re scared about the pamahiin that graduating students are prone to accident. Now I’m left with hoping that Kukai would pass the licensure examination so we could go. Ugh! Sunrise on the beach! That’d be lovely. And a long list of places follows — Chicago, Seattle, Prague, Ireland, Machu Pichu, Cape of Good Hope..


Write first. Write from the heart. And when everything is done, edit. Edit with your head. (Ate Ditas)

Everything inside my mind is inexplicable. Can I just dump you all together and organize yourselves?

I’m having a hard time composing paragraphs for the thesis. But am really thankful, Papa God, for blessing me with people who’s helping me in their own little ways. The 4C boys are keeping me sane from all my shits and my dramas. Leovigildo’s a good listener and a commentator. Haha! Thank You for Ate Ditas, she’s been of a good help — sending me articles and sharing tips and a lot more. Befriending her is awesome. Am just hoping she won’t have the time to find and read whatever I write here. It’s way insane to have a real writer reading your personal blog. Architect Dinky is really nice, too. Even Ate Ditas suggested that I should take advantage. Ha! He asked me to drop by his office so he could give me complimentary books. Am too shy to actually show up. But I have to, I will. The mere fact that I had the courage to exchange e-mails with them.. And you people should stop giving me your personal numbers to message you. The trust is really, really flattering. I need to work on our thesis!

Finally recovered files in our old hard drive. Dammit. Memories. I have recovered past memories. That’s not so good. But I am expanding. Ha! Lez bite into the bright side.

Ate’s scheduled to go out of the country in a few days. I wanna go somewhere else, too. I coudn’t wait to get out of the school’s premises. But I really need to fix everything I would leave behind, first. And You know I am trying, Papa God. One down!

Spoiled myself. I watched the first episode of the last season of House, M.D. while I am still on Season 3.Now I know how it feels like to know what’s gonna happen, just like the idk-what-the-title-of-that movie is. The mystery’s gone, the thrill disappears. Hope is lost. And thank You for helping me get over those thoughts about Science and Faith. And compromise. And non-conformity.

And speaking of faith. And discipleship, most especially. Thank You Papa God. And thank You, Narciso, it was really enlightening. Whatever happened, whatever is happening, whatever will happen. Expand your horizons.

I love You. Thank You. And I am so sorry. I love You.


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