“Laters, baby”

I never thought that ‘baby’ would be that endearing to hear from a guy. Not untilChristian Grey came along. Oh yes, I am currently reading the Fifty Shadesseries and I’m on the second book, about to finish it. And that’s exactly what’s keeping me from working on my dissertation, aside from random thoughts that’s popping here and there.

Oh how sexy a man can be. His sexiness is oozing and you can feel it even though you’re just reading it. The book is sensual and indeed a female porn book. But the story’s really engaging. Okay, nough of it. But really, Grey’s damn hot, and hot is an understatement. How lovely it is to love him, both a dominant and a submissive.

Sorry, mister. I think I overwhelmed you with my thoughts, as always. And sorry I’ve been whining about that thing since the last time we saw each other, I didn’t mean that. But it’s just that I feel comfortable talking about things like that to you. That I am up to no good. And oh, you should know that I’ve been wanting to see you for some reasons I didn’t know. Err. Wishful thinking, eh?


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