Journals and Notebooks

I have one great fascination about journals and notebooks, especially if it’s brown, hardbound and of course unique in so many ways. Yea. One of my weaknesses.

As I was doing my daily Tumblr viewing session, I found a site called Entwined from bookmania’s post. And like I said, due to my immense gusto in notebooks and journals — I swear just give me one unique, brown, hardbound journal, I swear I’d love you, I scrutinized their site and found lots that I like. I immediately thought of buying tons and just resell it, but because I like it so much, I would want it just for myself. Hehe. I messaged them and arranged a meet-up at SM Sta. Mesa (sakto sa pagpunta sa scheduled Sta. Ana visit, yey!) though I wasn’t familiar around the place, I did what I had to sayang shipping fee.

Yea. So pretty much, I looooooved it! The journal was crazy. Every page is unique and has it’s own design, not a page was repeated. The other mini notebooks were kawaii. Ok, blogging this is enough proof that I would take some time to tell you, therefore you should buy, too! 😉

Take a look.

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Let’s go back to writing love letters..


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