Sugar Town

I’ve got some troubles but they won’t last, I’m gonna lay right down here in the grass. and pretty soon all my troubles will pass..

-Sugar Town, Nancy Sinatra

It was a crazy June and July’s starting to be fun and pretty egzoiting. The first month of class already felt like a semester had pass. I got to finally add my thesis subject after that esquisse, though my Design 8 is still on hold, but still thank You! Am really grateful for the approval of our thesis title. How I love Filipino Architecture and we really had a great exposure to Filipino Heritage during our History of Architecture 4. This research is going to be fun, and fine and possibly awesome, of course through your help, Father God, right?

Seriously, it’s really when your in times of trouble that you will know who you’re friends are. Not just chismisan buddy, but people who would actually stand by you even if they couldn’t stand you, or the things you bring to them. People that would make you laugh when you seriously don’t have a reason to. Those who would make you forget the things that makes you sad, people, circumstances. Laughter, chitchats, fooling around, loitering, movie watching, and doing nothing.. It’s good to have people that will surround you with love and affection when you can’t find anything from yourself. And I’m really working on returning it. Am not really good at that, sad.

I am thankful. I feel so blessed. I am blessed. I am loved. I am worthy.


I really need to work on these following blogs I’ve been composing in my mind for a while now:

·Level 5: Acceptance
·Decrease, Delete, Declutter


One thought on “Sugar Town”

  1. This experience has taught me two things. First. You don’t have to love your subject in order to go through the pain of learning it. It’s OK to hate your subject, whatever it is. I mean really just want to reach-through-time-and-belt-the-old-french-guy-over-the-head-with-your-paper kind of hate. Hating your topic of study doesn’t mean you can’t, or won’t, learn from it.

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