Shit happens. That’s why.

When you don’t know what to say and you don’t know what to do. Just shut the hell up and carry on.

All I can say for now is that there are things that would come at you simultaneously. I have no story to tell you but what I really feel is that am violated, guilty (other thing, but possible with the aforementioned), and the last one, I just had it, still don’t know what to feel about it.

And tonight, am gonna sleep hoping that things would be better in time. I just couldn’t hide it anymore. I’m not all that happy and these are one of those deep and dark secrets that I have. Please bear with me. I trust you with these shits. God is with me. and you’d be with me, too, ayt?

And ladies and gentleman, now I’d be back with that jolly self that you see me as.

*nothing to do here*


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