Second Chances

I experienced a lot of second chances in the recent week. I remember I posted the song Chances by the Five For Fighting a favorite atm before it all happened — without the knowledge of what’s gonna happen in the coming week.

I learned that in life, we can all have that second chance. And it’s all up to us to grab it, make it or break it. And sometimes, second chance is not about having a sequel but rather it gives us the second chance of a better ending. It may not be the way second chances we hoped it would be, but ending in a good note isn’t bad either.

But another chance to make it right, to patch things up is what we’ve always wanted. Not just a second shot for you to be able to comply, but another chance to prove that you’re up for something good.

We all hope for such. And I believe: Hope is the only thing stronger than fear. (The Hunger Games)

 And as we fear for the love that’s on the verge of fading, hope lights us up. The hope that one day, there would com a time, for a once in a lifetime second chance.


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