Mama G

That was exactly a week ago. I was really glad about what happened. I never thought, a professor like her would even care about a student like me. I was in awe and it felt so good and I haven’t recovered, still. And also the conversation with Ma’am Danao, ’twas really nice. They were so nice to me.

And suddenly I became so uninterested in blogging. Argh. It aint me, at all. Sumusuko na din ako sa Architecture, in fairness. Anyway, thank You po for being there when it almost felt like am about to die. You gave me strength and everything I need. My family, my parents who took care of me for days I couldn’t stand up, literally. Saka po for the people who bothered, texting, asking me and most especially for those who went to visit me. It was really refreshing.

And after that 7 sick days, I badly needed to catch up. Am worried about this CADD class and the RM thing and translation. Papa God sana po wag kayong mawawala sa tabi ko. Guide me and bless me with enough knowledge, sipag, wisdom and discernment. Am losing my focus on things and y’know my mind’s everywhere. Everywhere, not in the place it should be. Haaaay. Papa Jesus please direct me. Let the Holy Spirit guide me through.

With lots of love, hope and faith,



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