Early Morning Confessions

And now I’m at the midst of denying and admitting something I wasn’t sure of. Or may be I’m falling, for the fact that I knew he was/is waiting for me. That he’s serious. And he loves/d me, someone told me. I didn’t know he was that serious about me back in the days. Now I appreciate him more, I must say. I don’t know where to possibly start. Am not sure, you may had find someone else, someone you deserve, better than I. Or maybe we’re both waiting for something that’s not quite stable. We’re depending on that fact, but I, myself couldn’t do anything about it. Well, I deserve to be ignored, karma it is.

So sorry for the time you’ve wasted on me.. So sorry for the things that you went through..

I don’t know what would happen next, all I know is that.. am gonna take my chance.


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