Burning Bridges, Building Walls

Unknowingly, or maybe intentionally, not that I noticed, the walls I once tried to take down is now building itself up from the ruins I didn’t even cared about before. The bridges that had been built is now hanging by a thread–at the verge of collapsing. A sudden force of unusual feeling from within, or maybe he ones or those that are long kept, hidden from the deep or were/we’re just too scared to admit, took it all away. No matter how hard it could be, to try and risk, nothing to lose, regrets are to gain. As long as you tried to keep things as they are, the voice inside your head trying to convince itself. Change is hard.

Scared but acceptance is the key, it’s all or nothing. And all that’s left, all that anyone would need and all anyone could hold on to was hope. In the middle of love and faith was hope.

Sorry for the person I became. It’s who I am hates who I’ve been.

I so hate consequences..


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