Call Upon the Name of the Lord and be Saved

Perhaps our eyes need to be washed by our tears once in a while so that we can see our life with a clearer view again.

Pahinga na bek. (: i love you WAGAS! di ako magsasawa na pakinggan ka. K? :*

Thank you! This is sweet. And you know, I love you, too. (though we find it hard expressing our appreciation towards each other)

That was my friend’s (text) message after talking to her (through cellphone) at 2 in the morning. How refreshing to finally have that waterworks. It’s relieving. I just wish I could finally let things go and lift it all up to Him. I know He’d never forsake me.

It’s getting heavier and heavier. But that won’t stop me from trusting and believing that You’re here beside me, guiding me, helping me every time even though my heart’s kinda giving up all these that I’ve worked on.

Abba Father, I lift these all up to You.

My family — we’re running in circles God. Let us find OUR way to You. And this PCOS/Stein Leventhal thingy I’ve searched Father, I’d love to think it wasn’t really that bad. I’m healed.

And I shouldn’t blame it really on my hormones. Tee-hee. Lead me Lord so that I could respond properly and just let the love certain persona would love to give me but I admit I just don’t like his way, sorry, I gave him tons of hints but *sigh*. ID! Hrhr.

And this month’s gonna be full. Starting next week, we’ll be having our College week and our last major plates, requirements and a lot more academic stuff. And hopefully, maayos na lahat ng aberya so I could graduate. Para na rin maitali na yung first three years, just that. I’d be on hiatus, sana kaya ko. I need to relax and focus on these activities.

And pahabol, nakakatuwa lang kasi I was already thinking about it a long time ago. A dream or a hope that one day, I could lead our college in a prayer. Matutuloy ba? Kung sakali man pong matutuloy.. please grant me wisdom so that I may choose the right words that would give glory and praise to You. And knowledge, courage and strength. Lord allow me to be an instrument of Your love and message and whatever You want me to tell everyone about you.

Saka bukas, my very first CLP na kasama ko sa service team. =) It would be a success, I believe it will be.

And whatever busyness or restlessness I’d go through, please remind me I got You. Tell me Abba Father, whisper me Your plans for me, the things I should do and the way You are leading me to. Wrap me in You everlasting love that as I live this ife you gave me, I have You glorified in every possible way. I love You, my dearest.

Your beloved,



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