Blogging Without an Audience

Felt like freedom though it’s kinda heartbreaking. Blogging’s been my resort when I don’t wanna waste another set of ink and paper or too lazy to move my hands and express myself (oh, I’m typing, but it’s kinda different).

A lot of things in mind.

Family, especially my brother. And I wish my sister’s fine somewhere out there, kinda far from home. Woah. Did I just say that? I guess I just miss our little chitchats. A bit serious sometimes, or the little arguments we do have and her silence or sweetness when the argument’s over (and as she finally realize it wasn’t my fault, actually. haha! I would assume.).

Friends, or circle of  friends I’ve been trying to fit in. Or maybe, just maybe, I am meant to standout? Hmm. I should just stick to those people who would love me even though I’ve got nothing but my bad attitude on. Ok. Enough of these shits.

Or maybe this heavy feeling I’ve got inside me. I just wanted to cry. All I really wanna do is to try. But not on him. I wanted to, I think I am ready. But the uncertainty , or the feeling that all I really really really do want is someone I really really like/want. I just don’t wanna go on breaking someone else’s heart. I’d rather have my heart broken.

Ooh. Whatever. I just got it out. I’m way better now. Thanks to you.


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