A Beginning of Something Wonderful

I remember using the same title as above on my first posts/blogs on my Multiply and my Friendster accounts.  But I don’t think I have one here in WordPress. So here it is.

I was trying my best to recall everything that I have planned last year on what I should have done this year. I don’t have a thing for New Year’s reso but I do (wanna) improve myself slowly without any kind of pressure. Like, I don’t do it on a purpose just to achieve something the way I planned it. I usually do go with the flow. Where I’m comfortable with. Or accidentally, but in a good way.

I love beginnings. I always wanna have something new in my life, do something I’ve never done.  I don’t feel like being stuck in something usual, traditional, and an everyday routine. But I think am not a fan of endings. I keep everything as much as I can, especially the one I love, the part of my life that I’d love to keep as long as I can. I hardly let go. Not unless those things got lost, or that person would let me go.

Hmm. So this one’s another prelude to my year-end blog. Still thinking about what exactly to tell and how to summarize it. Mamaya, kapag sapat na tulog ko makakapag-isip na ko ng matino. 😉

Last day of the year. Thank you 2010. You’ve been great, meaningful, life-changing, and.. need I say more? Hope I could keep it up not just this following year, but for the rest of my days.

I believe those ends that I fear would turn into something wonderful. I really hate endings. Gahd. I’m not really good at it, my blog’s a proof, I don’t know how to end something so well.

“Life really has only one beginning and one end. The rest is just a whole lot of middle.”

– Will Schuester, Glee


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