Ecclesiastes 4:10

(20101220, midnight)

There’s a certain pleasure on doing things and enjoying life with another person. Feel like whatever you experienced and witnessed is part of history for someone else is with you the very moment those extraordinaire and nonsense happened. That’s why I prefer I’m with somebody’s company though being alone is okay for some sort, sometimes. Giving an emphasis on the sometimes, so most of the time it’s good to have somebody around. 😉

For your triumphs and whatever. Ready to back you up. Or for the nothingness and senselessness.

Friendship is unnecessary like philosophy, like art it has no survival value

(rather it is one of those things) that give value to survival.

(Nakakamiss pala magsave ng mga thoughts sa telepono ko.Malaki talagang tulong yung Notes na app.)

“Sometimes just the act of sharing a painful secret can relieve some of the pain.”

— Maryland

Meron pang isa si Coelho na nakalimutan ko kung saang libro, basta yung thought nung sinabi niya ay, minsan daw kapag may pinagsasabihan tayo ng isang bagay, masarap sa pakiramdam kasi parang nangyrai talaga siya at di lang isang experience na napagdaanan mo. Part na nga siya ng history. Yung kahit parang hangin lang yung nakarinig/nakarinig nito pero mas maganda pa din yung may ibang tao, masarap sa pakiramdam. Sense of relief.


Masarap yan sa pakiramdam. Kusang ginagawa ang isang bagay na pabor sayo. Kusa siyang gumagawa ng mga bagay. Kusa siyang nagbibigay. Naghahanap ng paraan para mabigyan ka niya ng oras. At kusa niyang binibigay yung kalinga na nais mo.

That’s all for today. Thank you. =)

Lord, I love You.


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