Window to My Soul

20101215  (written on the white notebook)

The battle between the heart and the brain. Battling with yourself. Within you. Struggles. To contain your decent persona. Stereotypes, the typical. Molded and standardized by the society. In the eye of the people who couldn’t even justify their point of reference to what is right and what is just.

But then again, no one is to blame. You (I am) the author of your own script. You are the judge of your own case.

It’s a matter of determining what to waste and what is to be maximized. Regrets not included.

Time efficiency. Attitude towards the situation. Matter of choice.

Failure. Acceptance. And making it right.

P.S. Are you a diary? a journal? a notebook? book of hopes? book of wishes? book of endless frustrations?

You are a window to my soul. Thoughts that I lift up to our Abba Father. Hesitations, paranoias that only Him would ever understand (and fix). Turning my burdens into meaningless scribblings.

(Kesa i-blog yung mga worries, dun na lang! Sayo na lang.)

CAFA EcoTour na nila bukas. =)


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