This post is super-awesome

Greatest Lover: He will take you as you are, and He’ll change you from the inside and out.


Dear Lord God,

Gaano man kagulo ang puso at isip ko, *lagi naman* hindi kayo napapagod na ayusin ito, pakalmahin. Ako lang naman kasi mismo itong magulo e. I really don’t know where I’m going. my heart I mean.. (P. Jackson)

You calm the storm. You give me rest.

I may have failed you a lot of times already. All for love.. All throughout my life may be, and it’s about time. Gusto kong kumanta ng kumanta ng kumanta para Sayo. Gusto ko ding ipagsigawan lahat lahat ng kabutihan Mo. Alam kong di Ninyo ako pababayaan. Kaya ko yun. Magagawa ko yun.

I live for You alone.

Loving You always,

kulet ❤


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