All of my Days

I suddenly felt weak.

Bakit sa dinami-rami ng tao, sila pa itong hindi makaunawa sayo? Nawawalan ako ng pag-asa. Hindi ko alam. Lahat ng bagay kahit anong ganda ang mangyari, kung susumahin, dapat maging maayos din sa..


The family is the basic unit of every society. Consequently, the progress of society greatly relies on the values and ethics present in our very home. One factor to make family relationships intact is through making the home comfortable. It determines the harmony in homes in terms of financial, emotional and ethical aspects which when it is kept organised, then it will naturally transcend to the way we perceive things and thus, pave for a more satisfying life. (Thank you google dictionary.)

Pero. Bakit ganun? Para silang mga bata. Nanggagatong kapag nagagalit yung isa, kesa.. Hay. Tama na nga. Inaaburido ko lang ang sarili ko. Nakakalungkot. Nakakaiyak. Ayoko ng umiyak. Para kasing mga bata kung umasta. Lalo na.. Hay. Hay.

The only way we can solve the problem is to fix ourselves first.

But what if you’re trying your best to fix yourself and eventually change others, that would be time that  you’d be given a thousands of reason to give up.

Its’ not like it’s impossible. It will take so much time, lots of efforts, lots of tears and idk.. They’re old enough to know the difference, but they’re blinded by the fact that they are already matured, thinking they knew way better than us. Believing too much on what they believe in, and can not see things through. Ugh. Their ways! Gahd. What a childish thing. Please.





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