How comfortable are you with silence? Can you truly say silence is your friend?

Lord, let me remember when to keep silent. Remind me always that it is only in silence that I can listen to You with all my heart.


(That status of a Facebook friend/professor is a sign. Yan lang yung pumukaw sa attention ko. Yan lang yata ang nabasa ko sa News Feed)

I’ve been talking, and talking, and talking, and asking, and asking. Right. Now I just have to do whatever. Though I’m not so sure about this. Not ready? I don’t deserve it?

Pero ang tanong ko lang talaga. Mapapanindigan ko ba yun?

Kilala ko sarili ko. Ewan. Ayoko lang na madisappoint Kita sa bagay na to.


After a loooong time, finally. I got the chance to meet-up with my Tumblr friends. Though they were not the ones I usually go with, it was nice seeing and meeting new faces and personalities. For a change, y’know.

Thank you Lord. I got the chance of not thinking too much about stuffs. My random stupidities and whatever.



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