You’re unfair. You’re keeping a distance.

I think, too, that if something or someone is about to be gone in a short period of time, I’d live it up. I wouldn’t waste the opportunity by keeping my distance and acclimatizing myself early on to the absence. I’d get as much memories while I still can, there will be plenty of time to mope about it later.


I don’t want to mix-up anymore with your cluttered thoughts, but then this is the only way I could possibly release whatever it is that’s inside me, I mean, inside my head.

Hey ate. Won’t you just smile for me? At least I could feel you’re still you. Not that I mean you’ve changed, it’s just that I hate seeing you as flustered as you are now. I can feel your pain, I can feel all the chaos within you. I am as well devastated as you are. And I hate it. If I could just have all of it. If only I could, I would.

Hey. May I also remind you I’M HERE. Remember? I can be your shock absorber. I can listen to your every rant and every frustrations. If only you’ll just let me. If only you would just talk to me. If you would just speak out, at least I could listen and try helping you out. PLEASE LET ME.

I’m here. Please do remind yourself. Please. Speak out. I badly wanted you all right.

We’re not talking/chatting/do nothing/do whatever anymore. I may seem so makulit. You’re ignoring my every call, my messages, you don’t wanna prolong conversations. I hate this. I’ve never been this so desperate just to talk and clear things out. I never took the initiative on doing such. Now I’m here blablablabla…

Ate. I am missing you. You’re still there, physically, but you’re everywhere in the world. You’re not here. Nah. You’re not obliged to give time for me. Everyone wants a piece of you. I’m here to help you not feel as stressed as possible. Let me cheer you up. Won’t you?


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