A Story of the Little Fox

On the 14th day of October.. Haha. Hahaha. Haha! I can’t even. LOL.

It wasn’t a ‘Happy’ birthday, can I call it a ‘Lucky’ birthday? *Why so korni of me?* I am happy. For whatever. For everything. Really, it was just those expectations that lead us to disappointments. And this time, I am contented. He gave me gifts right before the actual day. He gave it in advance. That was kewl. It wasn’t what I expected, it was what I needed. Thank God. =)


T’was filled with worth remembering moments. Tss. No dramas please. But I love the part of the day when I saw you cry. (Yes you!) And I handed you over my hanky, that was cute. Hihi~ And the day-ender, the part where we usually sat down somewhere for whatever. Thank you Ate! You already know how much I love you.

Then had dinner with my family (without my brother though) in Mabuhay. I prolly should take you there sometime.

Had two phone calls today. First call in the morning was from my ate (though di talaga kami related) all the way from Kuwait. Wow. That was kind of a surprise. Di niya talaga ko nakakalimutan, ever. Alam kong mahal na mahal ako nun. I was still 5 or 6 nung nakilala niya ko somewhere. Tagal na. Tagal na niya kong alaga, kahit di kailangan. Nakakamiss pala siya. Yung matutulog ako sa kanila, tapos lahat ng gusto kong gawin, gusto niya magawa namin yun. Suportado niya ko hanggang ngayon.

And the last phone call was from Josef. Right before the day ended. *paimportante* Nakakatuwa kasi ang arte-arte niya. Haha! Namimiss talaga ako niya. *feeler* We talked about a lot of random things, usually. But the real highlight was when I was about to put down the phone, he asked me if he could still call me his BF. And of course I answered ‘yes’. Then I reminded him about the thing that being bestfriends is not just a label, you should do something about it. Something like that..

Anyways. Someone messaged me (G) apologizing for the things that happened. And yes, all I could do is forgive. Let’s just try to see the good in others. Ugh.

Ako ba talaga to? Natutuwa naman ako.


Thank you Lord for 18 wonderful years of my existence. I’m living the life you give. And all I could wish is I could also live and die for You. Y’know better than me, I need not to wish for anything. You already know the best for me.



One thought on “A Story of the Little Fox”

  1. happy birthday, little fox =) thanks for making me realize that i had not greeted you anywhere printed. i guess this should be the best place.

    the apologies you received are due you. you shouldn’t be wondering. they have wronged and you’ve let it pass. it’s a surprise to you because unconsciously, you’ve forgiven them way before they have uttered anything.

    it’s odd how someone like you whom i’ve often said is in touch with her emotions is more in touch with pain than with joy. i’m happy that this post is trying hard to sound merry, but i know that the gratefulness is sincere.

    you’re right, a lot has happened. i think we both grew a year older just for the last month that went by. you for your issues, me for mine, and us for the common school stuff. there, i hope that’s growing old with you enough.

    let’s just, in all this whirlwind, hug tightly at the foot of His cross; or clutch firmly at the hems of His robe. if you close your eyes and see it in your mind, it’s kinda cute as much as it is comforting. we have Kuya =)

    hope this isn’t just a happy birthday, let it be a happy 18th year. -Ate

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