A month ago..

3 apologies, 24 hours.

I’m in awe. I can’t believe it all happened within a day, or less. I’m quite disturbed. What’s with all those issues crashing on upon me in such a short period of time? Thank God. I know He won’t forsake me, backing me up with tons of people, sorted perfectly to fit every aspect in my life. Kewl.

It all started with the confrontation. T’was about the clash between two groups I knew I really care about. Being stuck in the middle was a bit of a disaster, err, it was a hurricane whirling up all the emotions inside me. It turned out fine. At least, the tension was lessened.

Then came the part of a revelation, a news. Actually it wasn’t new, it was old. I’m so much aware about it. It’s just that I wasn’t prepared. It caught me perfectly off guard. Now I’m complete. Completely miserable. Nah. NVM. All I knew was I cried. I cried a lot after. Secretly. Deymn. It wasn’t even a secret. I knew they noticed me while I was taking my Final examination somewhere. And the other details…

Then came the other confrontation/ talk with Z. She explained, and the usual, I just have to let it pass. Let it go. Oh, I’m so good at forgiving, yea..

Home at last. And reading the quite long message from my professor was the very first thing that I did. That was awesome. It was sincere, it meant a lot, and it inspires me.

And the apologies. Out of nowhere, a friend of mine in the cyber world suddenly popped in my Inbox. I was so happy. HAPPY. Yea. I would insist on that one.

And the last thing I expected was *refer to my previous post* an apology from Josef. It was surprising, for me, knowing him for quite so long now, all his pride, ego, selfishness, ignorance.. I can’t even. That was a success. Though, he said it right, it would never ever be the way before. And that saddens me.


Sorry. What would I even say? I was never good at words, extempo. I could write it down, but not that way. Idek how to handle different situations, and that one is included. Idek what to say after a person apologizes.

Crap. I’m wasting a lot of my precious time doing all the drama. Can we just let it all end?

*insert “Heaven Know I’m Miserable Now” playing on the background*

And now I haven’t got a clue what’s in store for me on the 14th. Oh please. Help me out. I don’t have an accurate plan yet. *sigh*


Exactly, a month ago, it started. Remember? The link was given. The nothingness went boom.

Where are we exactly now?


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