Talking to the Moon

Silence scares me. It gives me too much time to think.


Secret. What was it? (If paranoia could kill, I’d be effin dead.)

No, it’s ok. I mean, you don’t have to tell me everything. I just realized, there are things you can’t tell to a person because you don’t want that person to be hurt. But was it the only reason why you won’t? Or. Err. I’ll prolly just stfu. From now on, my mouth would be shut. My thoughts would be kept.

Silence. Space. I need that? Maybe. Maybe I should keep myself from you? Tell me.

Maybe I’m being too overrated. Maybe I’m one hell of a big disappointment. My apologies. But. Why?


I’m off. Maybe I should lay-low.  I’m an intruder.

Oh crap. I hate drama. But here I am doing all the drama.



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