When all are busy and no one wants to listen…

Pen and paper would be the answer.

I usually write every bit of inhibitions and bla-bla’s in my mind. Using a red pen, I write as I cry. Ugh.

I want to write, but not really a writer.

I almost forgot about that dream of mine. That dream of expressing about everything I’d love to tell the world.

Mass Communication was the course I really would love to take. But then, things and some series of events took me and I landed on the Architecture.

OK. Enough about that. I’m not having any regrets or the likes. I was just wondering what would I be like after graduating and trying to pursue a career on the field I barely can’t see myself being a successful one.

Nahhh. Sorry for this kind of shit, I reread my diary last year and I think I haven’t been writing some realizations that could help me out of different situations. The last entry was in the month of September.

What was I doing for almost a year? Too busy to write again and talk to myself? Too distracted with the way my life’s going?

(May 28, 2010)


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