It’s been years since the last time I made a poem. If I’m not mistaken, I was still in my senior year in high school back then. And that explains why this poem is poor in proper transition. Pardon me for that. And I usually just use the most basic vocabulary that comes into my mind. I just wanna express whatever it is that’s in there. This is too much. I’m filled with words. And my eyes are filled with tears. I was crying the whole time I was composing this. Every line reminds me of something. And again, sorry for being too dramatic. *written on the side of the scrap paper I used*


Serendipity: To Infinity and Beyond

*Crap. What a lame title?

I never thought I would be this attached to you,
A thing I would not regret but sorry if I do.
Now I’m havin’ a hard time thinking how would I even say goodbye,
Just the thought of it bring tears to my eyes.

A professor, a mentor, a sister, a mother,
You won’t only share your knowledge but you also empower.
Like a friend, not even bothered by the superiority that lies in you,
Without hesitation, you reached out, you cared like no one else would ever do.

I had never imagined, not even in my dreams,
I can’t recall, I never asked.

I never thought that a day would come and bring me a gift,
Wrapped in simplicity, but as you open the beauty is skin-deep.
With patience, grace, wisdom and class,
You did arrive and nurtured us.

We were given a wonderful beginning,
I would never ask even if it is said it would be a happy ending.
*I’d rather not ask for happiness if it would only conclude an end.

So let me end this part of the poem with an ellipsis,
For a day would come that we’d add those other stories.
A continuation, an installment, an answer to the query,
Just like the history, we would continuously make and write another story….


Eto pala yun part ng nagpapabigat sa pakiramdam ko. Isang tanong lang.

*Sorry for grammatical errors.

(September 21, 2010)


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